Scenic Byway

The Plantersville Scenic Byway is one of only 3 recognized Scenic Byways in South Carolina. For more than three centuries, the 12 mile stretch of road that ties together Georgetown’s Plantersville community has witnessed unique and significant events in American History beginning with the earliest Colonial settlements. The area, situated on the slightly rising ground within the fork of the Black and Pee Dee Rivers, was perfect for settlement by those who recognized the value of the pine timber and fertile soil along the river flood plains.

Patriots and Loyalists regularly moved along the route during the American Revolution and recorded a skirmish one early morning at a home along the road. Well before there were cars, congressman, senators, governor, generals, foreign ministers, and presidents were known to have traveled the route. The National Register of Historical Places recognized the Pee Dee River Rice Planter’s Historic District for its significant presence of the rice culture. In addition to the Historic District and its numerous rice culture contributing structures, there are 5 sites along the Plantersville Scenic Byway that are separately registered on the National Register for their historical significance.

The 12 mile route captures the rich rice farming history and explores various Colonial-era landmarks. The Dirleton Plantation-Samworth Wildlife Management Area is located along this stretch of byway and offers a chance to see some of the region’s wildlife in its natural habitat.

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Bicycle rentals are available for those who wish to enjoy the relaxing exploration of history and nature.