Our Programs

The Village Group offers the following programs for schools in Georgetown County:

Plantersville Summer Academy
This 7-week, 4-days a week program June and July of each summer offers youth help with academic and life skills.

LIFE (Literacy Is For Everyone)
This program was designed to introduce students to the worth of being a lifelong learner; to help inspire and encourage students in the value of reading and to emphasize the community commitment to literacy; and to help generate enthusiasm and excitement for SC Palmetto Assessment of State Standards testing and high school graduation thru pep rally events with students and parents.

Aviation Education Career Program
This educational program for middle and high school students offers exposure to the aviation industry as a possible career path. Participants learn about aviation history, theory of flight, and other related subjects. Students take field trips to aviation facilities and museums. They participate in hands-on activities designed to give students a total aviation experience, such as model aircraft and rockets, and flying remote control model aircraft.