Looking to the Future

Our newest initiative, the Plantersville Cultural Complex, utilizes 10 acres of land where a farm, kitchen, nature trails, biking paths, and exhibit and demonstration spaces will be built to help mold a more sustainable community while sharing the area’s unique culture and history through eco- and agrotourism.

The landscape design of the new Plantersville Cultural Complex will incorporate a Ring Shout* element into the walking paths symbolically recognizing a sacred ritual of the local people.

girls dancing

Using these historically relevant elements will help the people of Plantersville community feel a greater connection to the place and its facilities.

“Creating culturally inclusive spaces contributes to interculturalism in seeking to integrate groups in ways that contribute to the construction of difference and diversity as an asset within a community, rather than a source of tension.” (Lownsbrough, H. and J. Beunderman (2007). Equally Spaced? Public space and interaction between diverse communities. Commission for Racial Equality. London).

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Developing the Plantersville Cultural Complex will significantly build on The Village Group’s successful community improvement programs. From the creation of new jobs to the cultivation of new spaces that harness professional skill development — the benefits are bountiful. While providing a healthier food source in a food desert, the space will also give the opportunity to study new agricultural practices for a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

By incorporating culturally insightful architectural design and an understanding of agroecology, the Plantersville Cultural Complex will benefit from social and physical diversity, support a stronger community and contribute to more capable future leaders.

*Ring Shout is a religious ritual first practiced by African slaves in the West Indies and The United States. Worshippers move in a counterclockwise circle while stomping their feet, clapping their hands and singing or shouting a short phrase. The practice continues in some black churches to this day.  (Wikipedia)

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