Volunteers play a crucial part in helping The Village Group to thrive. Most of our operations and programming are implemented by dedicated individuals and organizations committed to our mission of enhancing the lives of residents throughout Georgetown County. From administrative and clerical positions, to literacy instruction, to consulting in an area of specialization, no volunteer goes unappreciated.

Some of the qualities that we look for in volunteers are:

— a passion for community development and education (click here to learn more)

— unique skill sets (retired professionals, consultants, etc.) (click here to learn more)

— dedication to being a positive role model for children (click here to learn more)

— high-energy and motivation to help us fulfill our mission (click here to learn more)

While we have a range of activities and programming in which volunteers may be interested, we also encourage volunteers who have unique skill sets to join our family, such as former educators, legal and medical professionals, and others.

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