Aviation Education

Aviation Week 2019

July 8th — 11th

We are excited to share that Boeing is returning on July 9th!

The Village Group is pleased to announce the continuation of the educational program which offers first level exposure to the aviation industry by providing aviation exploration for middle and high school students. Aviation Education program helped co-sponsor the Tuskegee Airmen program on November 2 and 3, 2012 at Georgetown County Airport.

Each participant of the program will learn about aviation history, theory of flight, and other related subjects. The focus is on aviation exploration with emphasis on opportunities for women and minorities. Students will have the opportunity to go on day field trips to aviation facilities, museums and participate in other hands-on activities designed to give students a total aviation experience. Some of our field trips and tours include several visits to local airports in Georgetown County and Greenville, SC.

The directors and members of The Village Group seek to engage the young people of this rural African American community and within the boundary of Georgetown County in ways that inspire, motivate and provide the resources for middle and high school students to explore careers in aviation. It is our intent to provide such education through an exciting series of day field trips.

The aviation industry has much to offer these young individuals. Only five percent of professionals in the aviation industry represent women and individuals of color. The young people of the Village Group need to know that they can tap into this field rich with history, culture, challenges and educational opportunities. It is our desire to help them see that the aviation industry has something for everyone. For those interested in working with their hands, aircraft maintenance technology can be a field to explore. For those seeking management positions but who do not wish to leave their beloved state of South Carolina, they can receive a bachelor’s degree in Aviation Maintenance Management through a partnership with the Greenville Technical College and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Locally available is the Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics, one of the top resources in the country for skilled, certified aviation maintenance and electronics technicians. Of course, there are also opportunities for those wishing to fly the friendly skies and become pilots.